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Tales from the Table
Reminisces and remembrances

These are stories about the creative process from the duo that helped forge and create the art of animation. They discuss what it was like to deal with a building full of creative people that were shepherded by Walt Disney.

The Nine Old Men:

Origins of the trusted Nine
Cupids, Centaurs and Capra:

Recollections of The Fantasia "Pastoral" Sequence
Stokowski, Beethoven, Disney and the Firehouse Five:

It's "Quitin' Time" and Walt is down the hall with Leopold Stokowski

Silly Song:

Snow White's Problems with the Dwarfs keeping scales consistent through the musical craziness
Dance of the Hours:

Hippos, Crocodiles, and adding notes to Beethoven
The Lady and the Tramp:
Recollections of the making of the Lady and the Tramp" Sequence
The Future of animation:

A discussion of traditional and computer animation
What first attracted you to Animation:

Their recollections about becoming animators
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