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Frank Thomas Ollie Johnston Disney
Frank Thomas Ollie Johnston Disney
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Frank Thomas Ollie Johnston Disney
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Frank Thomas Ollie Johnston Disney
Frank Thomas
Ollie Johnston

Frank Thomas Ollie Johnston
Frank's Page
In the years following the war, a spirited group of animators got together at noon to play a little jazz in order to rest their eyes and loosen up their fingers after a morning of drawing.  In 1950 this group became the "The Firehouse Five Plus Two".  For the next twenty five years they made appearances on radio and television., as well as cutting dozens of albums which are still selling today.  Frank was the piano player in the group!

The group, the “Firehouse Five plus Two” was one of Frank’s passions and interests.  Shown here is an excerpt from a “Walt Disney’s Disneyland” , broadcast in the 1950’s.  Click on the  image to view the clip.

It shows Edgar Bergen, Kathryn Beaumont,(voice of “Alice” & Wendy Darling) and Walt, conjuring Snow White’s Magic Mirror (Hans Conried), showing the hard working animators who were members of the Fire House Five plus two, playing a rousing version of “Jingle Bells”.

To the right is a Disney Channel Biography  of Frank’s Career, originally broadcast as “The Disney Family Album”.  It shows clips of some of Frank’s monumental contribution to the Disney’s classic animation, and the charters he created.
Frank was great “observer” of human nature, and a competent musician besides, and these talents seemed to always find their way into Frank’s work.
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Frank Thomas Ollie Johnston Disney