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Frank Thomas Ollie Johnston Disney
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Frank Thomas Ollie Johnston Disney
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Frank Thomas Ollie Johnston Disney
Frank Thomas
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Frank Thomas Ollie Johnston
Welcome to Frank and Ollie
Welcome to the Official Website of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.  It was created, written, and drawn by us personally. We have only just begun...on the Web that is. 

We have been working together since 1934 with 43 of those years as animators, supervising animators and directing animators for Walt Disney Studios!  Our relationship has been described as "The friendship that changed the face of animation."

We have made significant creative contributions to every Disney feature animation from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to "The Fox and the Hound."  Disney recognized our contribution by naming us Disney Legends in 1989.

There are lots of features here such as our Biographies, Our Work, where  you can also purchase books, music and videos by Frank & Ollie.

Helping us throughout the site are the first new characters we have developed since our Disney days.  You can learn more about them on the Nilknarf & Revilo Biography page.  And you can learn more about the secrets of animation straight from us on the Animation Tips page.

We hope you find the site educational and enjoyable.  We plan to update it regularly as we create more works in progress with Nilknarf and Revilo, so keep checking back!

If you have anything you would like to see or want to ask, please email us from our Contact Us page.

Unless otherwise credited, all characters, logo images and titles shown herein are Copyright 2011 by All rights reserved. Reproduction of any of these images, pages or parts thereof without specific written permission is strictly prohibited.

Frank Thomas Ollie Johnston Disney